PAX Labs Partnerships Recognize Innovation In Vaping Technologies

PAX Labs, founded in 2007, formerly known as Ploom, Inc. has created innovations in vapor science and technologies. The company was founded by two Stanford design program Masters graduates with a stated mission of making smoking obsolete. There creations are both technologically advanced and beautiful but also offers consumers a more effective vaporizer.

They have partnered with those in the fashion and music industries in the distribution of their PAX, PAX2 and JUUL vaping products and are also battling imitators in the courtroom because their cheaper counterfeit products are harmful to consumer. James Monsee, co-founder and chief executive offers says that safety is their company’s utmost concern and that consumer should purchase the PAX products from their website to ensure the quality product they stand behind. The company started legal proceeding against the knock off companies beginning with the Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Chiamey Technology Co. after produces were seized by local authorities.

CMO and co-founder Richard Mumby stated that music and fashion has always been a natural fit for PAX. With the help of partners and new investors climbing on board with their technology advances, PAX Lab, Inc. raised $46.7 Million in funding. Previous investors Tao Capital Partners and Sand Hill Angels are joined by Fidelity Management and Research Company, Sivia Capital, Pharma and a group led by Chuck Pieper and Brian Finn. James Monsees, CEO and co-founder of PAX Labs, commented on how disruptive the innovative technology is to the $1 trillion tobacco industry.

PAX Labs innovative technology includes a cartridge that inserts into the JUUL e-cigarette that contains nicotine as a salt and PAX and PAX2 vaporizers of dry ingredients. Since the vaporizers do not burn the ingredients, they do not release smoke, but, instead vapor, which eliminates carbon monoxide and tar with their use. Studies by the UCSF published in the Official Journal of the American Academy of Neurology and the Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics states that ingredients heated to between 356 and 392 degrees measured almost no exposure to harmful combustion effects and the ingredients are more effective. As vaporizers eliminate harmful side effects of smoking, their popularity is growing, products are improving and PAX Labs are now creating a new experience for its consumers. PAX Labs are coming closer to their goal of eliminating smoking and their partners and customer are reaping the benefits.

Personal Trainer for the Obese in Johns Creek

personal fitness trainer in johns creek offers training for the obese


Johns Creak, which is in Georgia, has a kind-hearted personal trainer in Johns Creek and weight loss experts who offer free workouts to the obese, to ensure that they not only improve the health and fitness of these individuals, but also build up their self-confidence.

Obese kids and teenagers face a lot of challenges and are mostly a target of bullying, making them feel inferior to other kids. They are unable to participate in most activities in school especially sports and games because of the heavy weight, adding to this negative feeling. Obese adults are no exception when it comes to feeling bad about their weight, yet all these people have tried and failed or even feel it might not work to work on their bodies.

This is why when you find personal trainer in Johns Creak, GA offers free workouts to obese individuals, to ensure that this problem is minimized. The personal trainer is free to ensure that economic obstacles do not hinder anyone from accessing them.

Anyone can lose weight, whether they are obese or just overweight, as long as they have the required determination and the right motivation. The personal trainer in Johns Creak can access the clients physically or via the internet, from where they offer the workout instructions.

The individual being trained should be willing to learn, which will ensure that all the lessons offered are put into action. This is because attaining fitness is a process, whose steps should be carried out all the time to make effect.

Personal fitness trainer services ensures that you run several miles in a day, jog, do some squats and call the gym a friend on a daily basis. They remind you to increase your walking steps in a day, while improving the speed by day. They help their client increase the number of activities they do in a day, and preferably carry out most house chores themselves.The personal trainer encourages their client that they can make it to their target weight, and should settle for less. Since they are personal, they take full responsibility over the client and make follow ups to ensure that their goal is accomplished. They send an email to wake the clients early in the morning for vigorous exercises before they embark on the daily activities, giving them different tips on how to carry out the exercise without getting bored or quickly fatigued.

Other than give the workout instructions, they ensure that the clients are free from eating disorders to avoid excess calorie intake, which works well in ensuring that the aim of the workout is achieved.

West Coast Partnership


We are please to announce a new partnership that we are partaking in that includes an internet marketing company from the west coast. Digitus Prime (visit site) is a search marketing company that has dedicated themselves to helping empower small businesses. Their understanding of our mission and goals has led us to run the following campaign:

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be offering a once in a lifetime offer that helps inspires runner across the U.S. Through a partnership with Digitus Prime (site), and their locations throughout Arizona (), we will be providing compensation to trail runners who meet standard running mileage. To be more specific, for every runner who currently uses our Trail Run Application and runs over 3 miles per day for 7 days straight, we will be donating $100 to your charity of choice. This is an amazing offer as it inspires and motivates people to get out the house and stay active, and it also allows us to do good in the world by donating to several charity organizations.

The amazing part about this is that the partnering company reached out to us initially because one of their owners was visiting Fredericksburg and happened to stumble upon our site and find our recommended trail run. He had an amazing time on the run and contacted us directly to express how much fun he had on the trail that we recommended. Here’s what he had to say:

“To the Team of Pathway Partners, I would like to thank you for the wonderful recommendation that I found on your website. This is my first visit to the east coast with my wife and we were basically moving with the spontaneous wind. Our love for nature attracted us to want to find a local trail. However, what we weren’t expecting to find was a breathtaking path that changed our view of love and life. Thank you for what you have done.”

We were filled with joy to see this message and even more enthusiastic about the partnership we were presented with by their owner. For more information, please stay tuned for the next update.

If you want to find out more about our partnering company, then you can visit Digitus Prime by clicking here.

Also, here’s why we feel partnerships are so important:


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